April 18, 2024

Kayleen Mandelik

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Exploring The Reasons Behind Flight Ticket Price Increases

The recent surge in domestic and international flight ticket prices has bewildered global
travellers. This spike in airline costs, impacting not just India but various parts of the world,
has sparked questions about the reasons behind this unprecedented increase. Flight prices
have sharply risen despite the convenience of advanced search tools and online booking
platforms. The surge in flight ticket prices has travellers seeking answers. Amidst complex
factors, savvy travellers consider options like Bajaj Allianz international travel insurance for
peace of mind and protection against unforeseen disruptions. This blog explores the primary
factors driving the surge in airline ticket prices, providing insights into the dynamics at play.

Understanding The Soaring Airline Prices: Root Causes

DGCA’s Policy Changes:
Post-pandemic, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA’s) removal of airfare
caps and airline privatisation empowered airlines to adjust fees. This policy shift
contributed to the overall escalation of ticket prices in India.

Inflation Impact:
Rising inflation indirectly affects airline costs, impacting services like pilot pay and
accommodations. This ripple effect contributes to the overall uptick in airline ticket

Escalating Oil Prices:
Jet fuel costs, closely tied to oil prices, have surged, driven by geopolitical tensions such
as the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This escalation in fuel prices adds to the overall increase
in airline operational costs, influencing ticket prices.

Shortage of Aircraft and Staff:
Retirement of older aircraft during the pandemic, coupled with delays in delivering new
models due to supply chain disruptions, has resulted in a shortage of available aircraft.
The airline industry also faces a staff shortage, including pilots, impacting their ability to
meet increased demand and leading to higher operating costs.

Prospects Of Price Adjustment:
While predicting future ticket prices remains challenging, two factors may influence a
potential adjustment:

Competition Among Airlines:
Intense competition in the airline sector, with new players entering and exiting the
market regularly, may result in airlines undercutting each other to offer more
competitive prices.

Strategies For Securing Affordable Flight Tickets:
Navigating the complexities of fluctuating ticket prices can be challenging, but travellers can
adopt strategies to find affordable options:

Avoid Peak Seasons:
Steer clear of peak seasons and blackout days to evade surges in ticket prices associated
with holidays and festive periods.

Early Booking:
Book tickets well in advance, preferably three to six months ahead, to minimise the impact
of price fluctuations. If you choose to go to Bali, make sure you have travel insurance for

Explore Travel Agencies:
Consult travel agencies for potential deals and special offers, as they often have insights into
cost-effective tickets and exclusive arrangements.

Consider Travel Insurance:
Given the volatility in ticket prices, investing in Bajaj Allianz travel insurance is prudent.
Policies that cover flight delays and provide straightforward claims processes can safeguard
against financial losses. If you are travelling to Dubai, make sure you get travel insurance for
Dubai. *

Travellers can enhance their experience by adopting proactive strategies like early booking,
strategic timing, and considering Bajaj Allianz travel insurance. Informed choices and
preparedness empower travellers to navigate ticket price fluctuations with resilience and
financial prudence. Safe travels! *

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